peace, love and sweets

Today's outfits were inspired by a new piece of jewelry in my collection...

Under different lighting, the crystal picks up on different hues of colors and it sparkles like crazy... So pretty.

Top (gifted). Max Studio skirt. Aerosoles wedges.

It looks like summer's going to be super hot if it's already this hot for spring. I can't stand the heat. I'll take cold weather any day!

Epilogue dress. HRH Collection bracelet.

I had such a fun time tonight having dinner with a new friend. We had some Japanese food, and then for dessert, we visited Lette to pick up (more) macarons, coffee and strawberry ice cream mochi from Mikawaya, and grabbed our final dessert at Pinkberry.

 Original yogurt. Strawberries. Kiwi fruit. Oreo pieces. Mochi. 

The hot weather is a perfect excuse for eating lots of sweets.

It's also about the time for Kami to start shedding.

Caught Kami with his eyes closed, but doesn't it look like he's smiling with his eyes? 


  1. woah that's really nice to hear because I can spot a few flaws in my editing. xD

    What laptop are you using right now? c:

  2. Awww <3 Kami looks so cute at the last
    picture! Nice bracelet and dress c:


  3. Love your bracelet and outfit!
    Awww, Kami is so cuuutteeee! >w<

  4. Oh really cute putfit!
    Lovely photographs!


  5. Love your bracelet and outfit!
    Awww, Kami is so cuuutteeee! >w<


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