angel food

Today was the ultimate pampering day at my job... We were invited to start the day with a 30-minute Pilates class. I opted out... although I was very tempted to.

There was a manicurist giving express manicures. I always do my own nails so it was so nice to have a professional give it some TLC. Plus, she was such a sweetheart and made sure that I absolutely loved the color since I had told her I was picky.

Essie Angel Food.

I am officially obsessed with this color. It's the perfect balance of white and nude. Plus, it's work-appropriate.

There was a masseuse giving back massages for a limited time... I made sure I got one before heading home... perfect.

There was a great spread for the make-your-own ice cream sundae station with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream flavors.

What made this experience even better was the marshmallow topping... 

I had to work off the calories so I exercised when I got home and had a light dinner.

Fresh raw octopus, raw squid, and hamachi sashimi accompanied with a bowl of greens and dipping sauces.

My boyfriend knows how much I love Shakey's mojo's so he made me some the other day.

So simple but so good...


  1. This Angel nailpolish looks really
    creamy, its like dunking your nails
    in a bowl of yogurt :P
    The food looks greaaaat!

  2. Thank you! I really love it a lot! will probably wear it during rainy days c:

    I've never been to a manicurist but I really wish I can one day!

  3. Francesca Giusti5/17/13, 12:19 AM

    love this nail polish color and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow

    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be
    so glad :D


  4. Kinga Sarolta Kavasi5/17/13, 12:48 AM

    seems like you had an amazing day! :)


  5. OmG mant gummies *....*
    Reallym lovely color of nail polish!

  6. Whaaaat free pilates classes? I want your job!

  7. Wow, where are u working? This is amazing!!

  8. wow, where do you work? yay for awesome free events!!!

    what a lovely color!! and free too boot, looks great :D and..i could really use a massage right now ahhh!

  9. i love the photos <3

    - cool nails :)))
    - the 2nd picture made me crave for sweets :3
    - that's a delicious and dinner you had :D ^^ - Nice


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