ready for summer

When summer hits, I practically live in shorts.

DailyLook cardigan. Abercrombie tank and shorts. Melie Bianco hobo. Crown & Glitter necklace. Sneakers (gifted).

Indulging in a shaved ice cup is also going to be a new tradition.

Fresh mango. Tapioca balls (boba). Vanilla ice cream. Shaved ice.

Such a sweet treat and super refreshing! It's also the perfect portion.

I definitely intend to be poolside whenever I can. I just love the feeling of cold water against my skin... 

There's also going to be a lot of barbecues to go to. I do love a good burger. It's all about the bun and the meat. I like my buns soft, rounded, peaked at the top, and buttered.

A good ole simple Angus beef burger with buttered buns.

It was also around summer 5 years ago when Toby and I first met. He was the smallest puppy I've ever seen and held. 

Too small and too young to even know how to drink...

A year later, Kami joined the family.

My happy (and chubby) kami :)

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  1. bree honeybee6/3/13, 1:37 PM

    i love summer, too bad england has a hoax of a summer time!
    following you now :)

    would you like to follow eachother via gfc & bloglovin'?
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