happy hump day

It doesn't take much to start off my day the right way... All I need is my iced latte and matcha & pistachio brioche.

Both are from Urth Caffe. It's conveniently located on the way to work so it's hard not to make a quick stop before heading to my 9-5. Plus, it's a reward for when I've been good all week making green smoothies.

Another place I had to stop by today is Target. I can't even explain how much I love this place. I always leave with more things than intended.

I love pastel and creamy nail colors. I have been eyeing Butter London's Spring 2013 collection of beautiful nail colors, but at $14 a bottle and wanting all the colors in the collection, I decided to settle for cheaper alternatives.

I also picked up two Revlon lip butters. 

Such a necessity since my lips are always dry. I am really liking Pink Lemonade. It does highlight dry skin so beware... but the color is so pretty! I'll make it work. 

The one in the back is Juicy Papaya. Who came up with the names? They make me hungry...

On another happy note, the Korean market that I frequent has a new organic section. How awesome is that!

I love me some tomatoes and some potatoes... 


  1. Nice lip butter;)
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  2. Mhmm the pistachio brioche sounds
    delicious c: And yay for organic
    section at the K-market!


  3. food looks delicious...and those nail colors are wonderful!

  4. Fun post! Thanks for visiting Infinite Style!

    Juliette Laura

  5. Aww the first photo looks really good! That's also right: humans don't need much to start the day right :)

    ♥ Maho

  6. Just had a huge craving for sweets after looking at the first picture you posted. Bye diet.
    A trip to target is not complete unless you stop by the beauty section and buy a bunch of stuff you don't need. Haha. I love the Juicy Papaya lip butter! My other favorite is Sweet Tart. I never saw the Pink Lemonade one though... that color is so pretty! Need to get that the next time I'm at Target.
    Anyway, I'm now a new follower! I'm also hosting a giveaway on my blog that you should definitely enter. :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Oh wow! Love everything here, especially the nail colors! Actually I have a giveaway going on right now and I think you are REALLY going to like it! You can win your favorite article of clothing from Mentirosas (an online store)! It's super easy to enter... You should definitely participate;)!
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    Come by soon!


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