triple espresso

Waffles for breakfast is a great way to wake up. I love mine loaded with fresh berries.

Blueberries. Strawberrries. Raspberries. Maple syrup.

Half of a waffle wasn't satisfying enough so I had another one. This time, sans blueberries and with a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

Such a great way to start the day!

When you work in an office for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, it's so important to go out and stretch out your legs... My walks consist of admiring nature, visiting the neighborhood pets, and snapping random pictures.

It looks like the flower is just exuding light from within... Amazing.

The colors are incredibly vibrant.

I'm the type of person that loves meetings... as long as the topic is interesting... or if there's a good spread of refreshments.

Flipping through a magazine during a meeting and came across this...

I can only wonder what the chocolate dome encases...

Driving by, the boyfriend and I decided to make a stop at Currywurst for some German hot dogs. It was unplanned, but certainly beats sitting in local traffic. I can't understand why the city decides to do major road work on a Friday during peak traffic time... but anyway...

The garlic fries with curry ketchup was amazing.

At night, my girlfriends and I grabbed gelato from a local place in the neighborhood.

Madagascar Chocolate. Salted Caramel. Stracciatella. Espresso Chip. 

Unintentionally, we all had a scoop of the Espresso Chip.

I loved today's 70 degrees weather... That is the perfect temperature for me. 

Be Cool shirt. Abercrombie shorts. Guess bracelet. Steve Madden booties.

I wasn't feeling too well though so I needed some Asian comfort food.

House steamed chicken with green onion in oil for dipping. 

So satisfying with a bowl of rice. I wish I knew how to make this for myself.

I also finally got to try some Iced Sea Salt Jasmine Green Tea from 85C Bakery, and I brought home a bag of fresh pastries to try. I can't wait to indulge...


  1. sophisticated lace5/26/13, 8:07 PM

    All this food looks so delicious!! Really want to try that green tea drink!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Sophisticated Lace

  2. OMG! Looks fantastic!!!

  3. wastedpixie5/28/13, 3:07 AM

    oh god your amazing food pics are totally making me drool! love waffles for brekkie!

    It will be awesome if you can check out my new inspiration post!



  4. Chen Zhou Yen5/28/13, 7:28 AM

    popping by here!
    omgosh your photos are absolutely amazing! <3

  5. Mhmm yum! I'd love to have some eating spree with you :P
    The waffles looks so good! Xx

  6. Ugh, your blogpost made me so hungry. Please check my giveaway


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